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"Dailey Now" Instant Access Workout Videos

Instant Access to Digital Content from The Dailey Method

The Dailey Method's newest workout video features three exercise classes and an introduction from Jill Dailey, founder of The Dailey Method. Here is a summary of each section:


Jill gives an overview of the classes in this video, explaining how they are designed and how to best use each segment to meet your personal goals.


This is an efficient core focused workout that combines both strengthening and stretching exercises. Beginning and advanced instruction is provided. This is a great way to experience a quick core workout or combine it with the Long & Lean Class on this video.


This quick workout targets your arms, legs and seat. It encompasses both focused strengthening and stretching exercises. This can be combined with the Core Conditioning Class for an amazing full-body workout.


This full class is similar to a Dailey Method class at one of our studios. Taking this class three to four times per week will give you great results including increased strength, definition, and balance in your body. Great for all levels from beginning to advanced. The more you do it the deeper you will work.

Read our first review of the DVD by Self Magazine.


A special thanks to our participating franchise owners, instructors and clients: Mindy Ariowitsch, Jessica Chilvers, Kerry Corcoran, Katina Griffin, Chelsea Liebelt, Julie Ligon, Jennifer MacDonald, Lydia Perez-Carpenter, Aaron Peristein, Brittany Schwartz, and Susan Willrich. In addition, thank you to Beyond Yoga, Electric Yoga, Splits 59 and Zobha for donating for the amazing workout wear for this video; and to Design Within Reach and jennifer robin interiors for providing the table.

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Because of the differences in physical conditioning of each individual, please consult your physician before attempting these routines or any fitness program.