Instant Access

HD video on your Mac

Instant Access is the replacement for old DVD's and CD's: A fast and convenient way to access your favorite titles immediately upon purchase in both streaming formats and via ad-free apps for smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and TV's.


How Does it Work?

When you subscribe, rent, or purchase an instant access product, you'll have the option of pressing play to watch your title online at any time, right from this website. After purchase, you'll also receive both in-browser streaming AND ad-free playback via free apps. View your titles from any internet connected device, or download them via the free apps to take your video library with you.

To view on a phone, tablet, smart TV, or computer, simply follow the app install instructions and enter your email address and the short PIN provided at purchase when prompted. Your titles will be waiting for you instantly and can be saved to your device at any time to ensure the highest quality buffer-free playback. Best of all, digital delivery is 100% ad-free – just the digital products you own on the devices you want to play them on.


Any Device

Instantly access your titles from your favorite devices: Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Macs; Over 3800 Android devices including all mobile and tablet devices; Windows desktops, laptops and tablets; On TV via Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku.


In flight at forty thousand feet? Out on the lake or down at the driving range? From the back of the car on a long road trip, to a tablet by the stove in the kitchen, to a gym, a practice field, a classroom - With Instant access, your favorite titles will go where you do.

Technical Support

If for any reason you encounter a technical problem or have a question about how to stream videos or access your library in apps, reach out to our support staff at or visit

Superior Delivery

CD and DVDs are made of mined metals and petroleum based plastics, require shipment by mail, and are non recyclable. For customers that prefer no Shipping and Handling costs, lost or scratched discs, or complicated returns, Instant Digital Access is the answer.

Easy Playback

Titles purchased in raw MP3 or MP4 formats can be awkward to play or incompatible with most devices. Instant Access titles are delivered in a special digital format for quicker downloads and improved playback across apps designed for multiple devices and screen types.